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From something to everything


Let’s start your journey together and we will help you to create an awesome business model with an awesome application.


In order to give you the best experience we follow a four step process. We evaluate your business and collect positive aspects and possible improvements.
The findings are going to be reviewed with you and we decide mutually how to proceed. Often we find hidden opportunities that can be turned into a digital business model.

Best thing about it: we can combine it easily with your existing business, increase revenue and spread risk at the same time. Don’t miss it!


Business analytics

Gain insights into customer business, needs, desires and opportunities.



With our UI and UX experts, developers and project managers we create your app.
Regular iterations and constant client feedback is what matters most!


Deploy app

If everything has been designed, programmed and tested the app will be deployed in the stores or on corporate devices.


Define roadmap and scale up

A rock solid start with core functionality plus a sophisticated roadmap for the future. Customer can learn from their users and improve accordingly.

Why working with us?

>_infiniteApps does not only code your application. We create it with you. Would you climb the Mount Everest without guidance? Developing an application sometimes appears as climbing a mountain and you don’t even know where to start.

So why should you develop your applications without guidance? We are not only talking about guiding you through correct requirements engineering, we talk about „don’t care about all the way up, you just want to stand on top of the mountain and we’ve got you covered“.


Review + Evaluation

Let’s talk about facts and figures. Identify opportunities

Mobile App + Business Model

We help you creating your app and if you want to create a complete new business model, too

Grow + Scale

Start with core functions, follow your roadmap and extend your business