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Shortage of professionals?

Your team is now cross-organizational

Always available. Always flexible.

Plan. Code. Test. Publish and repeat with >_infiniteExperts


What languages do you speak?

Besides German, English, Spanish, Arabic and French we also speak C++, C#, Dart, Swift, Java and Python fluently.

Our developers are highly-skilled professionals which will help you realizing your project.



Bug or undocumented feature?

Though you might (or not) consider your software as flawless, tests and feedback is essential.


Product Owner

Product Owner, Feature Owner, Function Owner?

There are a lot of terms and interpretations for that job. In a nutshell: We have passion for creating the product roadmap, prioritizing, managing stakeholders and inventing great new features.


Agile Coaches

Knock knock. Who’s there?
Done who?
Depends on who you ask.

Sometimes your project needs guidance, focus, enhanced communication or better tools. Our Agile Coaches and Project Managers help you to get your developer teams to get projects done.

FYI: We only help your team with our own full-time employees –

no headhunting,

no subcontracting

All of our experts are contracted in Germany, available for remote and on-site projects according to your requirements.

Different: Freelancer tend to work for various projects and clients at the same time :/.

But our experts only work for 1 [one] customer at the time. This helps you to get the quality and attention your project deserves.