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Values can’t just be words on a page. To be effective, they must shape action.

Jeffrey R. Immelt



Very good results are no sure-fire success but must be worked for again and again. In projects with our customers, in relationships with other service providers and in our own developments, we take nothing for granted and remain hungry for success. Even if we have the best qualifications, education or training on paper, we are always ready to learn something new every day and to see in every contact and every experience the opportunity to grow.


We are proud of our successes and our skills. We are aware of this and make it clear to ourselves on a regular basis. Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, we constantly question ourselves, the team and our environment in order to find out more and become better. Good software is created through iteration and feedback, and this is how products and employees should develop.


infiniteApps should be a place where employees are people, without prejudice against sexual orientation, origin or other characteristics. It is important that everyone can contribute as they wish in order to develop their maximum potential. We are committed to an atmosphere of continuous learning and improvement, in which mistakes may and should be made. We strive for heterogeneous teams in which respect, recognition and constructive criticism count.


Uncertain paths and accepting a certain amount of risk are indispensable at our current point in time. As a start-up, we need courage and confidence to discover new possibilities and take full advantage of opportunities. It is important to us that we are aware of this as a team and do not let diffuse fears slow us down. Decisions made with a sense of proportion and based on objective criteria give us direction. Success without fear!


The world around us is constantly changing as paradigms are challenged. We encourage the desire to experience something new and to discover new areas with childlike naivety. „Never give up“ is just as important as not accepting the status quo. As a team, we look for solutions in areas outside our field of expertise and also try to understand connections that do not fall within our immediate scope of performance.


As a team, we have the ambition to succeed, to outgrow ourselves and to develop state-of-the-art software that makes the lives of its users easier. At the same time, each team member can be ambitious and pursue their own individual goals. With the help of our values and company culture, we want to create a framework that does justice to these and allows everyone to achieve what they set out to do.